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Originally Posted by ZM2 View Post
The later pages in my two threads below have some details, including some of your previous thoughts:

If I could get another 40-50whp reliably on track, Iíd be pretty damn happy. Altho, I donít have much appetite right now to go with custom cooling mods, so Iím still trying to determine the best path.

I guess the only real path is to add the power and see what happens. Just feels like Iíll still be screwed when it comes to cooling.
Ok I'll check out your thread.

The issue is with air to air intercooler cars BMW decided to save some space by chopping nearly 1/4 off of the radiator so the intercooler can slide in underneath. So the real issue is water temps, you can solve a large majority of that with an AC delete CSF radiator which is still PnP. That should (again hugely variable and difficult to predict) get you up to 420 whp on a hot summer day doing 30+ min sessions. That should be 50 whp more than dinan stage 2. Oil temps would then be the issue, but the CSF or ER kit should be able to do 400ish whp. That's probably still 30 whp over dinan. If you want more than that it's going to require custom cooling setups.
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