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Originally Posted by afwares View Post
I get 25 no problem, combo city & highway driving 30 miles at a time. No doubt I'd get better on long-distance freeway drives. If I'm aggressive on the throttle, 22-23.

Car is a gem - easiest money I've ever spent on a car. Not only will you see very few issues with the N55 on this forum, but check the forums for other models that have used the N55, going back 10 years. Other than the fuel pump, which BMW corrected very early, this motor has caused very few people very few headaches across 10 years of production across many different BMW models. I wanted something special but without sacrificing reliability, so I did the homework and tons of reading across every forum you can think of. The N55 is a Ward's Best Engines winner 3 years in a row, and the M2 got the best iteration of it. I'd do it all over again without hesitation.

....and welcome back!