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Originally Posted by AmuroRay View Post
Hard to swallow $1,300 for a fuel pump when I have no plans to upgrade the turbo or run E. Absolutely silly.
How is your stock hpfp crashing when you don't run Ethanol and are stock turbo? That shouldn't be happening unless you have a notoriously weak hpfp, as you shouldn't be able to Max out the hpfp on pump gas as the octane isn't high enough for the small F series n55 turbo to push high boost levels especially in the summer when iat's climb.

That's being said if you are able to diy I'd skip the B58C and go for the B58D hpfp. I wouldn't recommend buying used since hpfps are known to fail with age and you never know what you might get. Remember it's not a clean cut job.
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