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Just my opinion: I have read all the comments on the value (present and future) for this car. "Collector" cars are not collector cars right away. It takes some time for them to get there (if they even will). The prices will fall (as cars do) when they are all gone and the hype has faded. If everyone keeps all 2200 as garage queens, they may hold "good value" but not necessarily anything more. It's usually when a limited production becomes even more limited due to attrition (accidents,etc.). Fast forward 20 years or so from now, when there are only 50 left and the "dreamers" can now afford the car they loved back when. That's when things start getting interesting! Hedging a buy at this price on a potential for it to be the next "vintage" desire is risky (as are most investments). But who knows, ya may get lucky. However, the amount of money you are spending now for the "big return" in X-amount of years... You'd be better off investing somewhere else. You can probably do much better and a whole lot faster!

So if this car fits your budget, taste and you like it, buy it! Have fun with it! Drive it's doors off! It's begging you to do it! If ya don't like it, just don't buy it. Everyone has their own value point. Hell, some would argue my X3MC is not worth it. However, I love my car, it ticks all the boxes [for me] and I could care less what other people think. I just tell'm, you do you and I do me. If ya'd rather have a Porsche, then go buy a Porsche.

Yeah, not sure why the configuration tool... I have heard too that all are spoken for. Whether all are actually delivered to the person who spec'd it is another story. However, if a dealer still has one on a lot, they are already configured... So this feature is pretty useless.