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True, I don't think this forum has AutoX specific thread. Good place to start one. Nice driving and looking forward to more videos next season

1:38 is aggressive but I think you'll be close with better pads and fluid. You HAVE to check out Mid O. It's like a larger version of Grattan with more elevation change.

I have my own lofty goals for next year. Currently sitting at 8:38 BTG time on Nordschleife and my life goal is to be at 7:55. I need to find 43s and I have 1.5 seasons to do it. I still have a lot of line changes to make as this was my first time there, and I'm still on factory MPSS. That place is scary as fcuk so geining confidence is what I need. Semi slicks and driver mod is how I get into the 7s. I hope

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