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Originally Posted by jprice130 View Post
Hey everyone, I'm checking in as a new BMW M2 owner who's looking to play in BS for AutoX next season (competed for years in an STX BRZ). I appreciate all the information in this thread so far and am now considering my tire choices...

I'm leaning toward conservative tire sizes for now so one thought I had was running a 275/40/18 Yokohama A052 in the rear with a 255/40/18 RE-71 in the front. I figured this might be a good combo given the two tires' strengths: The A052s are good at putting power down and the RE-71s provide great steering response and feel. The other good thing about RE-71s is that they can be flipped, so hopefully that would help get some extra life given our camber challenged front end.

I'm also new to higher power RWD cars, so I thought this might provide a more planted rear-end while I get used to things. My only fear is that I might get more understeer than I'd like, but maybe I can manage that with toe settings. Thoughts?

Devin, once I get things figured out, I'll be shooting you an email for an order...
Haha well thank you! I know of some people who have done similar set ups on some other M cars (a semi-local driver had 275 RE71r up front and 295 yokos on the rear) and seemed to like it. My thoughts are that this is going to cause understeer, which from my understanding, with a front bar they are already struggling with that. I highly doubt you'll be struggling with power down, especially with the yoko's on the back...the diff is REALLY good.. so I think a 265 all around would benefit you better...though you do lose out on the flipping portion. The other thing to note, the tire sizing you're looking at is going to lift the rear up pretty high...I'm not sure how sensitive the M2 is to rake, but I know when I made those kids of changes on the C5 Z06 I ran last year, it made some really drastic changes to how it handled. Ultimately, I think the best options are either 265 squared yokos, 285 squared RE71r, or if theres a way to stuff 295's, MAYBE the 295 yokohamas all around.

For these cars, the RE71r's might be the best option because I dont think the yokohamas have as much of an advantage over the stones with the lack of camber the M2 can get,and the way we're likely to beat up on the fronts, the yoko's are probably going to be a much more expensive way to go....

With that being said, one of my good friends won FS at Nats on 265 squared Yokos on an E92 M3 that gets less camber than our YMMV
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