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Making crazy progress the past few weeks. Currently at 141 and 17.8% body fat. I was almost 30% when I started. 2.8% left to go before I can start adding 200 calories a day to begin bulking. My attention to caloric intake and macros has reached a level of insanity. I honestly did 7 minutes of cardio last night, in order to keep my calories at 1400 for the day. The top 4 of the 6 pack are getting very pronounced.

I've started working a different ab workout every night at the gym. People are starting to watch my unorthodox workouts and now I'm starting to see people copy what I'm doing. Actually had a kid ask me to help him with his delts last night. I'm still scrawny as shit, but it's nice to see that people notice how hard I'm going and that something must working, to ask for advice and start copying some of the weird ass shit I'm doing.

I go in for trigger finger surgery and to have a mass removed from my right hand on Monday, so I'll be out of the gym for a few weeks. I'm already starting to get nervous about not being able to go. I only have 4 more days to break myself before taking a few days/week or so off. Oddly enough this mentality has ramped up the level of intensity of my training sessions. My focus is insane right now. I'm like a cracked out, spider monkey jockeying a cheetah.