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Originally Posted by lsturbointeg View Post
I love boxing! I look like Manny Pacquiao but with full tattoo sleeves. I used to use the elliptical a lot but I didn't feel the energy to do HIIT. Plus I feel like I'm burning more calories doing boxing since I'm putting a lot more energy with speed punches and power shots. Its brutal cause I did shoulders yesterday and right now my shoulders are burning like fire and my legs feel like jello after my leg workout
I hear you. I attribute all the years of boxing I did to how easily my shoulders develop now. Plus it mixes things up. When a lot of people think of boxing cardio..they think of skipping rope and hitting the bags.

That is part of it, but we also used to hit tractor tires with sledge hammers, "battle ropes", and one of my favorites were they would tie a string diagonally across the ring at shoulder height...and you would start at one end and "bob and weave" all the way to the other going under the rope and switching sides each step.

Great way of coordinating you feet with your upper body girdle.
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