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Originally Posted by BeastieBombRacing View Post
Huh, I hadnít seen that shifter before - thanks!

Thereís already a guy who ran a DCT M2 in TT4 last year. He made 333 avg HP at 3710 comp weight. Since I donít have to take points for the shiftable automatic, that gives me more room. Iíll know for sure on the dyno soon but hereís how the classing breaks down:

~340whp at 3673 min competition weight = 10.8
+.4 weight mod factor
+.3 266-282mm section width
+.5 100UTG tires
+.4 BTM Aero

Adjusted PTW = 12.4
TT4 minimum = 12.0
The CAE is a bit on the pricey side - but to me its worth it. The way it guides the shifts is awesome - more insurance against the $ shift. A very precise, short throw. I hadn't seen it before either when I bought my M2 a few months ago. Went with it after a couple of guys here recommended it - made the car so much more enjoyable to drive both street & track.

That's awesome it slots into TT4 with that setup. Forgot the weight was with driver - that was what tripped me up when I was reading it. Ought to be a lot of fun like that in that class.

Did you track your E92 M3? If so how does the M2 compare for you?