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Originally Posted by CLH View Post
Lol...I havenít had it on a rack at all since delivery. One of these days Iím going to buy some toe plates and at least check that. I suppose I should probably get the alignment checked, but I hate paying what shops charge for it when there is so little thatís actually adjustable.
That's pretty darn good! Sounds like your car is working well, and without even an alignment yet! Your setup is a great starting point for new owners.

I have a set of toe plates, and set the front toe to zero, but need to see where the rear toe is currently. Keeping notes of any changes, so can set back to original if needed. On my fronts, it was just a 1/4 turn of each side on the tie rods (marked), easy to reverse. I've read the rear camber is adjustable, but haven't looked back there yet, no clue what the setup is like there.

Reviewing my video, and some comments for others, I have to accept that much of my car's turning issues is driver induced. Gotta work on my breaking points, turn-in locations, application of throttle. My timing is stiff quite off with this new car. So often I just enjoy the acceleration of the M2, then carry that wonderful speed too far into the corner, my bad.

Will work on my driver skills!

Hey CLH, do you autox up at Packwood? or Bremerton? Been a few years since I have visited up there. Beautiful area. Lots of good experiences at Bremerton starting in early 2000's.