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Originally Posted by toy4speed View Post
What wheel size are you running in front? How low have you gone in front tire pressures? I've tried as low as 31 psi, probably not inclined to try lower since the 275 tires already look a bit squeezed on the wheels.
Iím running stock-width EC-7s in 18Ē diameter. Have the 31mm offset in front, 43mm in back.

Iíve tried everything from high-30s to low-30s over the last two seasons, and have settled in on 34 hot up front and 32-33 hot in the rear. No issues with shoulder wear in the front. My TPMS consistently registers ~2psi lower than my Longacre analog pressure gauge, so Iím right on the edge of where the TPMS will complain. I bought a second gauge to cross-check the Longacre against but havenít done that yet. To be safe I just resigned myself to resetting the TPMS at the start of each run.
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