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Originally Posted by CLH View Post
Iíve started running lower pressures on my RE71s, and have had to resort to resetting the TPMS right before I start each run. A little annoying, but better than getting all the nannies turned back on in the midst of a run.

I have the H&R front bar, full stiff, and 275 square. Not really having issues with push. Maybe try slightly slower corner entry?
Thanks for the suggestions! I'm curious how the H&R front bar compares to the Dinan and Hotchkiss bar for relative stiffness. Haven't seen any data on solid H&R bar vs. the hollow bars of Dinan/Hotchkiss.

What wheel size are you running in front? How low have you gone in front tire pressures? I've tried as low as 31 psi, probably not inclined to try lower since the 275 tires already look a bit squeezed on the wheels.

My initial turn-in is pretty good, but I may be over driving the mid-corner. Maybe I can try to induce throttle oversteer, that could be fun.

Next autox this coming weekend. Will try another combo of tire pressures.