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Originally Posted by gmazet View Post
your mileage may vary..

I'm in process myself and there are a few threads active in the ordering sub and here about people in process. There's a bunch of variables that can stretch it out depending on the allocation available to dealer, build week, then the build process itself, logistics.

I put my order in on the 15th of May and its on a boat due to doc at my port of entry on the 13th of July. from there I've heard a few days to a few weeks depending on port activity, damage/repairs, lining up truck etc.

It was almost two weeks waiting at Bremerhaven.

Check the ordering sub, there's an official tracking thread there that can give you an idea and some phone numbers to call to badger BMW and track the car.

enjoy and congrats on the purchase. Loving the Orange cars!

By any chance is yours on vessel THEMIS? Your dates seem similar to mine. Haven't heard of any destination dates to the West coast.