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Originally Posted by Karazy View Post
Thank you, and noted. I have read elsewhere here that Sport+ is just as you have described. I have read the entire owners manual now online. Still kinda confused by just reading and not having the car to test setting out..

The only way I've every successfully competed (in other cars) is with all T/C off. Are you Autocrossing with it on in some form of MDM?

And if going full T/C off, can we still adjust the steering / throttle / (I'm DCT) shift speed separately while full traction off?

Thank you and happy Memorial Day weekend!

Mineís a 6MT, so I canít speak to the impact of DCT. Regardless of the other settings, traction control is always completely off when autocrossing. Also, remember that you can use the M1 and M2 presets to store two different combinations of settings.