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Originally Posted by Rmtt View Post
I'm starting my second week at 3000 calories a day still seeing where my baseline is. Wanted to get the water off of me first so I can start seeing where I need to settle in at. Veins in my chest and shoulders are starting to come out just from the small water loss.

I don't want to drop too quickly and was 203 this morning. My body seems to thrive when on a diet. Energy goes up, training intensity goes up, and as I get leaner...enthusiasm goes way up.

But at 5'7".....I can tell you now that I will not be running at this weight. I will get my cardio done in other ways.
My energy goes up while dieting as well, that said I can't sustain my lifts as well. I'll usually lift for an hour 15 or so, when dieting I'll start dwindling come the one hour mark, more of a muscular fatigue than a lack of energy if you know what I mean.