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Originally Posted by boony1968 View Post
I'm running in B Street, so just the front bar. The specs on the front are supposedly the same as the Dinan. From memory - 32mm hollow? It may actually be stiffer or it's partially me. I did have three years in a C6 Grand Sport with a very soft front spring so driving around pushiness is not new. Definitely still have some fiddling to do with the M2.
Yup, had 2 yrs in a C6Z, and was just getting the car sorted out. Great car, drove pretty awesome once I got my body into the seat. Of course, getting in/out became an issue for my somewhat stiff back. Hoping the M2 will still offer me much fun in B-Street, and be easier on my enter/exiting.

What are you running for wheels and tires? Eventually will look to change from stock, but will do some events totally stock for a baseline, then begin the mild mods