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Very nice job! I would recommend turning off the ASD. Open valves + fake cabin noise was a bit too much for me.
Also, the side by side picture of OEM with MPE shows the latter is pretty much a straight pipe setup from BMW
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So the first "major" mod I performed on the new M2 is the M Performance exhaust. way in hell I did it in 2 hrs like the paperwork says. I now see why the port puts out so many hack jobs.....

The skid.....yes a skid arrived undamaged from Sun Motorcars. I once again must mention.......Brian is the man for BMW parts hands down. The packaged arrived to him, he opened and inspected it to verify it was un-damaged the latest revision then added additional packaging to protect it then shipped it to me. Plus the pricing is unbeatable. Above an beyond period. He never fails to give impeccable service

It took me all day in the 37 deg temps to wire & install but I am very particular about stuff like routing cables evenly, shaping of heat shielding, sealing around plugs, etc. Plus I always measure twice, cut once. I also do it on my back like a hooker...... no lift

I put the car to sleep before installing the BT module and harness so did not unplug the battery terminal. Ran everything close to what the docs said but revised it to my liking. I struggled a bit with getting the pin in the one connector under the fuse block but finally got it after taking the connector out. The other wire already came with a connector attached. Took all the shielding out to run wires behind and installed the old flap dummy plug then stowed it up behind the cover exactly as the docs tell you.

I used a pipe cutter at the dimple marked location so the cut was straight..... fuck this piping is super thick, took a bit of work. Then I hit tooled the edges so the interface was nice and smooth.

Not an easy DIY for me but I hope since I did....there will not be some of the issues others had.

I saved the tips from the old M4 and re-used these to save money so I only had to buy the exhaust.

All and all the fit is almost spot on, might have to tinker with it slightly but really no complaints. I will update the post after i drive it and take a couple of daylight pics.....I have my break in service today