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Originally Posted by bogeyman View Post
I wouldn't totally rule this out. Financially it makes sense to tune the current engine to get closer to 400hp than fit a S55. So maybe the S55 sounding M2 is the CSL after all?

Originally Posted by Danne_485 View Post
I think the CS will have the current engine and the GTS/CSL will have the S55. So don't bother until 2019.
I doubt there is room for BMW to beef up n55 to 400hp. To maintain a manufacture approved engineering margin, achieving this power goal will require a bigger turbo, a stronger LPFP and HPFP. The intercooler needs to be upgraded as well. This n55 can end up being a S55 with twin scroll turbo.

Testing, making and managing these new parts should cost BMW more than just putting in a detuned twin turbo s55.

That being said, I wish BMW would upgrading n55 fueling and turbo for m2 CS, so we base m2 owner, and the whole n55 community, can take advantage and upgrade with OEM parts.
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