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Originally Posted by GimmeanM View Post
This is clearly subjective, and I do hope it sounds better than the base f80's. Hopefully on par with comp pack or M4CS sound.

But honestly I don't think it's as bad as most opinions on here.

I had the chance to swap with an M2 owner; me in his N55 M2 with MPE and him in my 1M with MadDad mid pipes. I was excited to drive the M2 and also hear the MPE. Honestly, close your eyes and all I can think of is Ford F-350 diesel! Not sure what everyone is so excited about. I wasn't impressed with the N55 sound.
During M Tour event I drove every M car there is and have to say that all of them are muted inside. The biggest impact and constant face grin was sponsored by M4 Convertible with ZCP and MPE exhaust. This thing was a blast and the noise was amazeballs If I was into a weekend GT car this would be my first choice.
I was surprised by how unremarkable the N55 sounded (MPE mitigates it to some extent) and how aggressive the ZCP M3/4 MPE was. But only with ZCP, normal M3/4 with MPE wasn't that good (less crackles and overall drama I think).