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Can anybody confirm that they are only making 1000 units of the m2 cs!???
The M2 CS is not limited by number, but limited by production slots. They will make a lot more than 1000 M2 CS models. There is no CSL model, and the GTS has not been confirmed yet. Rumours suggest only a small number, similarly to the M4 GTS.
M4 GTS production = 803 units (see here). The M2 GTS rumor spoke of possibly 999 units. Agreed that, unlike the M2 CS, the M2 GTS is still a hypothetical.

M4 CS = "not a limited series, just limited by production capacity", confirmed BMW M CEO Frank Van Meel (source: here - in the same interview he also confirmed that the production volume of the base M2 will be increased).

As the "M2 CS = 1000 units limited edition" claim made in a recent Spanish article is spreading like wildfire on the interwebs, I repost my earlier comment, and assume that that claim will be debunked in the future:
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This is certainly a production departure rumor
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I thought bmwblog got their news from here. I wonder where they got that information from ???
At the end of their article they quoted a Spanish article as source:

That Spanish article mainly recaps, almost word for word, all the recent info stated in the first post of this thread, with three exceptions:
  • claimed maximum power output of 405 hp: ("Como ya te hemos contado en algunas ocasiones, el nuevo BMW M2 CS montará el motor de gasolina S55 de 3.0 litros con una potencia máxima de 405 CV y que supone un incremento de 40 CV en comparación con el M2 convencional que monta el motor de gasolina TwinPower Turbo de seis cilindros en línea N55 que homologa una potencia de 370 CV.").
    However, 370 hp + 40 hp = 410 hp. As a matter of fact, the "302" kW figure of the mystery VIN referenced in the first post of this thread = 405 hp (mech) = 410.6 hp (metric). The Spanish article either mixes up those figures or writes for a US public.
  • claimed limited production of 1000 units and a numbered plaque: likely another mix-up with the rumored 999 figure for the mystery M2 GTS (still uncertain whether that car will ever see the light - no real signs of life yet, if ever). Sources at the German 2erTalk forum indicated last April that the M2 CS isn't supposed to be limited production, which sounds to make sense except if BMW has changed its mind in the meantime. I keep believing unlimited production till M2 end of production (2020).
  • the last paragraph about some changes to front end, rear end and brakes: likely educated guessing.
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