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Originally Posted by Franklin Joseph View Post
It's coming, I promise!

Originally Posted by Adem1534 View Post
Will running the car with a catless downpipe without a tune be dangerous for the engine? The elimination of back pressure doesn't mess everything up?

I'm scared now to run a downpipe without a tune adjusting for the difference in pressure etc it makes.
Absolutely not. Backpressure is not necessary on modern fuel injected engines. The ECU is these cars is extremely smart and will make adjustments to ensure that the air fuel ratio is pretty much always perfect. With the use of BMW's valvetronic technology, the ecu also opens and closes the throttle body to help control boost and it will adjust wastegate position and ignition timing to make the car run exactly how it wants it to. There is no harm in running a catless downpipe without a tune at all, the car will actually run better like that.

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I am sold already! Take my money

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you should build a race version also, catless muffler, ceramic coat optional
We've always offered ceramic coating if the buyer wants it. With the valve open, our exhaust will be straight-through.

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Will you sell a sport-catted downpipe option that won't throw a CEL? Will the MPE CF diffuser mate with this exhaust?
We may eventually offer a catted version but nothing official yet.