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Originally Posted by gthal View Post
Especially the folks saying he's a bad driver... I'd LOVE to see any one of them pull a 1:12 in the car. I would bet not one person in this discussion could do it (well, I suppose it's possible someone here could but it would be the absolute exception).
I'm sure we've got a member or two, here, capable of putting down some solid times, but I just never saw the point in knocking someone's driving skills over the forum.

If we had a member at the track with said driver and totally killed his time, then great, but that's way far from the case in 99.87324% of these thread debates.

I believe M3Adjuster is an instructor, isn't he? I'd wager his thoughts would be a little more valid than others, but hey, we're clearly not short on 'pro' drivers on this forum.
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