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Originally Posted by detroitm2 View Post
Do not run stock pads. While it may be ok if you take it easy, you run the risk of damaging your rotors pretty bad.

I plan on running ferodo DS1.11 pads on the front and DS2500 in the rear. The nice thing about the DS1.11 is, it's pretty close in compound to the DS2500s, which can be used on the street. So I can get away with just swapping the fronts in track day, and not have to worry about rebedding before and after each event.
Given the sensitive DSC and EBD on these cars, I highly recommend running the same friction coefficients on these cars.

Otherwise you risk getting weird behavior, or worse too much brake force on the front causing excessive wear.

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Honestly if it's your first event, you'll probably be fine on stock pads with upgraded fluid. If you really want upgraded pads, PFC08's are great. I ran them on my spec E46 and I think I'm running them on my street E46 as well. Plenty of stopping power, but they won't overwhelm street tires and they have good feel without too much initial bite.

Also, don't go crazy spending too much on brake fluid. Motul RBF600 or ATE are fine.
Not a fan of RBF600. Easily cooked, or gets mushy really quick. Especially if you put daily miles on it.

RBF660 or better IMHO. I really like ProjectMu G4. Torque RT700 is good too, but I found that it really starts absorbing moisture quickly.
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