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The only saving grace is that I don't believe that "Uttergate" will be an issue with the next generation M2 (G), simply because I have a sneaking suspicion that it will come equipped with a stout B58. So there's that..
If you're right will the M2C become worthless like the OG has?
That's a polarizing question..

I wouldn't necessary say that the M2 is 'worthless' but the S55 does have more power potential, cooling and fuel delivery system.

To be honest, the M2 N55 does have enough power to take the vehicle to dangerous and scary levels of speed, without any hesitation.

I honestly have never stepped on it and felt like I need more power but I guess if you're dogging it on a track, you might meet the motor's limitations, as some have claim.

I don't believe the new M2 will be needing anything more than the B58, which everyone have been raving about since its inception. Especially if a B58 M2 would keep the price in a somewhat realm of affordability (under 60k).

So no, absurd HP/TQ bragging rights aside, it won't be worthless with a built B58, IMO.