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The Tiexi Plant in Shenyang, China, annually outputs about 1/4 of total BMW branded vehicles globally in 2018. Tiexi has the most advanced technology in the world and is probably, at this point, the single biggest BMW plant in terms of output (or anything), or so will it be this year or next. Tiexi now produces 1/3/5/X1/X3 and BMW petrol B48/B58 engines. And soon the X2/X5.

BMW blows Mercedes and Audi way way out of water in China in term of local Manufacture Capability. Mercedes is now even struggling to make extruded aluminum door penal for its E class locally.

I visited BMW Tiexi factory in 2016 (the year it was built) and was deeply impressed as a global supply chain manager, who knew one thing or two about the manufacture. It has an extremely high level of automation throughout the production line. Very very few human operation and little to no room for the human skill derived quality variance. It can produce any model in its best possible form should BMW wants.

The results is that the China locally made BMWs have just as good quality as if not better than German ones. But high end models are not made in China in order to protect the Intellectual Property. At the end of the day, BMW just has a joint venture here.

That being said. I highly doubt BMW would treat Mexico the same way as it does to China, an extremely important strategic market now and in the future.
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