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Originally Posted by Dethsupp0rt View Post
To be fair, they are made in Lansing, MI now.

It's still a dumb slogan, as "American" could mean Canada, the US, Mexico, or anywhere in Central or South America. When someone says "Make America Great Again", I just ask, "Which one?"

My father gets upset when a "damn Toyota" wins a NASCAR race, even though it's a) barely a Toyota at all, and b) even a Toyota is more "American" than many cars from the big 3.
I grew up in metro Detroit and while this mindset isn't as prevalent as it used to be, I still see it whenever I visit. It's a pretty sick and backwards mindset to have, I feel sorry for people who buy into it.

One of the best things that happened to my family was dad getting the fk outta GM. His and my mom's careers [and salaries] went through the roof.