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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
Wait, flagship and M2? What did I miss? 1ers weren't made in Munich, neither are the current 2ers. So what really changes if it goes to MX?

Like I said earlier, many 3ers were made elsewhere. Hell, my M Coupe was made in North Carolina and I liked it more than many Munich made BMW's, a Leipzig one, a Regensberg one and a Rosslyn one.

Country of manufacture doesn't really matter to me. If the car is well engineered, then it will likely be a good car.

Maybe it's because I worked in Germany for a German company, but I don't see why you think a German union employee is going to wield a torque wrench with any sort of magic skill set than a similarly trained employee in another country is going to. And yes, what you described is xenophobia to a t.
M2 is an M division product; the M division BMW's highest performing, most bespoke, and most exclusive product line.

We are just going to have to agree to disagree here. I'm not saying the quality won't be up to par, but part of the joy of owning such cars is the exclusivity and experience that comes along with it. The European delivery experience is a huge perk of such cars.

This probably won't hurt sales, but as BMW enthusiasts on a BMW forum it's natural that we are going to complain about this.