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I have SMG III, so I can't speak for SMG II but I had ridden in it back in the day.

SMGII could do this thing where you'd jerk back and forth at idle speed, really violent and pathetic looking.

The SMG also isn't smooth shifting like ZF8. In fact BMW has attached the giant slush box to the ZF8 solely to ensure the idle at stop lights was smooth.

Anyone complaining about SMG should first consider that. That's pretty pathetic, BMW obviously has to do what sells, and so many normal idiots in leases cars demanded smooth idles that you have all that added weight solely to appease them. They do not care about that. Shameful display.

But SMG is technically an H pattern getrag with a pump, similar to what BMW uses in its actual race cars. No, real SMGs like in a motorcycle are not H pattern, but BMW and Ferrari have both used SMG H pattern sequentials with pumps for racing applications and still do.
Porsche as well.

The Hatred of the SMG is just another example of the ignorant plebeians buying a race transmission and being confused about why it doesn't crawl forward when they lift the brake at a stop light.

Anyone shitting on the SMG without having driven it is simply listening to the average moron complain his cars auto didn't work right, that he broke it out of ignorance, called it unreliable and then got rid of it when his lease was up.

My car's SMG went 100k miles with only a clutch replacement.

Most people drive it like a torque converter auto and get mad when it doesn't respond like one. If you are just slamming on the gas and shifting your throttle input will interfere with the computer and slow the whole thing down.

The easiest way to make it happy without going into detail is simply lift the throttle a hair when you downshift and suddenly you're experiencing lightning fast shifts that are much smoother than the ZF6/8 which is only really good at low speed stoplight shifting.

DCT is good when it guesses your shift correctly, if not it's a slower shift. They also have the problem of being heavy. I've not heard of one being in an actual racing environment since the 80s and of course a homemade M4 GT4.

SMG is simply too GOAT to be sold to the masses. Even CVTs fake shifts in Honda's to make it feel more normal for the average idiot.

SMG died (for production vehicles, very alive in racing) because it wasn't a slush box auto. Shame on anyone who bad mouths it based on the average rubes opinion.

Enjoy your slushbox M5 Bimmerpost, you deserve it! You also deserve your slushbox M3 and slushbox future! You chose this and reinforce it by posting that the SMG ruins the CSL! What a joke, your borderline race car came with a race car transmission and ruined it....
Do you own stock in SMG/DCT transmissions? Never seen anyone so passionately defend the SMG.

The reality is that you can have all of the upside with virtually no downside with the ZF. I'm a 6MT guy so in the end I don't really care, but I had to live with a SMG in a E46 M3 for a while and I firmly believe that this transmission is pure garbage. BMW themselves has said that they were able to get the ZF to shift just as fast and has the added plus of being lighter than the DCT it replaces. So if the performance is better AND you can get some level of refinement and comfort, no need for the single or dual clutch autos.
I have spent no time with BMWs DCT, only Audi, so i can't speak for it.

In my mind the ZF is nice for traffic. I don't like the feel, especially compared to the Audi. I do like the quality of life improvements. SMG having 6 settings is annoying to change when really I prefer Sport+ and eco. SMG also is annoying because the computer will hang at 2.9k revs for ever if the shift point is 3k for example where the ZF will shift to most economic for you.

I also like you can flappy paddle Down shift for a highway pass without exiting auto mode and it will revert back after 5 seconds or so. SMG will stay Manual forever if you downshift with a paddle. It also has Auto Manual and 'M' mode settings and is annoying to drive. Push M mode for some fun and it goes to whatever you program it to. Turn off M mode and it goes to whatever manual setting you have it to then you have to put it into Auto mode to get it back to auto. The computers in the new BMW transmissions are better in every Way.

However by the numbers, SMGIII is 65ms, DCT is 200 ms, and ZF is 220ms. This is all upshifts as well.

ZF has annoying traits for performance. at high torque settings it is not as fast or smooth. Just isn't. It can't skip 2 gears either and you have to do the mildly annoying shift wait shift. The kick down button on the pedal is incredibly annoying.

SMG isn't reliable or smooth but ZF is boring and an obvious compromise désignés to attract Camry buyers not track boys.

BMW should be bullied about it or you'll be stuck with it or something worse next generation. A transmission that works for hybrids and SUVs isn't going to be best for M cars. The Gord/GM 10 speed for example.