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Iconic car*

The M2 is and never will be iconic, there's nothing unique about the car, they're essentially parts bin specials from bmw m and they made are still making them in the thousands per month...
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I don't understand thus sentiment at all.

The 1M and Z3M (if I recall correctly) were also essentially "parts bin" cars, and also two of the most beloved and iconic M cars ever made. I would also put the M2/M2C in that category because they're spiritual successors to the older, smaller M3s.

Low production numbers and exclusivity don't determine what is iconic.
I agree that the term iconic gets used too much when describing various cars. The M1 and every CSL model (thus far) are iconic, not so much the M2/1M/M4 GTS, and certainly not the base E9x M3, regardless of the S65.

But to say there's nothing unique about the M2 is ridiculous. How many other small, RWD, MT, moderately high HP with standard LSD cars are on the market?
That formula has been in BMW M cars for decades now... high HP, rwd, manual with an LSD from the factory...? That lineage goes all the way back to the e36 my friend. Nothing unique about the M2 at all, sorry.
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