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Originally Posted by dmboone25 View Post
I don’t understand thus sentiment at all.

The 1M and Z3M (if I recall correctly) were also essentially “parts bin” cars, and also two of the most beloved and iconic M cars ever made. I would also put the M2/M2C in that category because they’re spiritual successors to the older, smaller M3s.

Low production numbers and exclusivity don’t determine what is iconic.
That's also my opinion.
You can differentiate between value and numbers but that says nothing about the historical status. Look at 3.0 CS(L) or 2002. Every true Bimmer fan is excited when seeing them because they are iconic. The only difference to the M1 is they were cheaper. I guess the M2 Competition will also get that status. Also because it belongs most likely to one of the last (pure) gasoline Bimmer generations. And because it's a stunning beauty!