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Originally Posted by jlhymb View Post
I applaud your effort. I've tried to help but your unwilling and rude. Again, just because you don't understand a concept doesn't mean that concept is wrong or doesn't exist - it means that you don't understand the concept. It is not on me to attempt to teach you or explain it to you - that's your job. The information needed to understand the concepts we are discussing are free, there is no supposed intellectual superiority - just open a book or search google.

I could pick apart the lack of knowledge, circular reasoning, and general imprecision in your posts, but highlighting the ignorance in your ramblings is besides the point. An appropriate conclusion to the timing information provided in the OP is that there is not enough evidence to suggest that the M2C is any faster than M3 zcp.
Translation: I can't come up with a decent rebuttal, so I'm going to continue to assert vague hints of knowledge that I cannot demonstrate.

Originally Posted by jlhymb View Post
Ok fine i'll bite - I could show them your graph, but they would be laughing at you for assuming that's what the sampling distribution of the data looks like.
Please post any information you have about additional data points. I expect we'll see that at about the same time you post an understandable/correct explanation of statistical significance.
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