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Originally Posted by Craig8 View Post
Was a bit of an impulse buy - I guess I got caught up into all the hype of the M2 being the 'best M car in years'. When the M2C was announced it was on paper even better which pushed me over the edge. In September, I called a few dealers to see what availability was (expecting a months long wait list) but to my surprise a couple of dealers had October build slots. A couple even had ones incoming within a few weeks if I wanted it in blue/orange.

I paid my deposit Sept 20. Not wanting to be that guy that called their sales rep every day for a status update, I only checked in every month. Beginning of November it was 112 and he said it was supposed to start build within a week. Beginning of December it departed on the boat Nov 27 and was scheduled to arrive Dec 26.
Congrats on your beautiful new baby. I concur with your comments on your DCT choice. I too grew up with MT starting with my 2002/320i/325is. Now on my third M2, a M2C, they have all been DCT's. Just can't beat the seamless power delivery with DCT/turbo combination, especially when tracking. My son has MT M240i. So when I feel like polishing my heal-and-toe and double clutching, I drive his car.

To those who have flame us for not going MT, and there have been a number of them, trust you have mastered your heal-and-toe/double clutch technique.

At the end, to each his/her own. Enjoy what your have.