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Originally Posted by chris719 View Post
Originally Posted by cntzl View Post
Are you for real? Everybody knows M3C or M4C refers to M3/M4 with Competition Package. Instead of typing the whole damn thing, many people just prefer to call it M3C. Even you are lazy enough to call it "Comp Pack" instead of "Competition Package". However, I'll play along and be a smart-ass like yourself. There is no such thing as an M2C, there is M2 Competition however.
If we really want to get picky, Comp Pack is not the official abbreviation of the option. It should really be referred to as just ZCP .

The internet - the only place where you can observe people who actually agree spending hours arguing over minutiae.
ZCP is just an abbreviation as well and stands for "Zee Competition Pack". In the order guide, it's mentioned as "ZCP - Competition Package"
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