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Originally Posted by Robin_NL View Post
It's obvious you're defending your M3C my friend, no worries. I understand, you don't want a cheaper, heavier(...) equipped with an OPF and downgraded S55(way less HP than M3C) and smaller tyresizes equipped M2C than M3C to win (even by this small margin) driven by the same driver.
Robin --
I'm really not sure where you are getting your info from. If you can point to something I said that was incorrect in this thead or in defense of the M3 being "faster" please do. Otherwise, you and Bradyland are just continuing to amuse the others in the thread (who are apparently MUCH smarter than me because they chose wisely not to engage in this silly debate). Do note, that my point, from the beginning is that the M2C, 718 S, the M3 with Comp Pack, and the Audi RS mk2 are all the same per this test from a statistical standpoint. For them to break down times in 100th of a second on a 2 minute lap done on different days of the year, does not make one of them faster than the other.

PS - there is no such thing as a M3C, there is a M3CS however.
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