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Originally Posted by jasonF30 View Post
Interested to hear why the M2 when you have an RS3, for most people it's an either/or decision. What production week was it built, curious to hear how long it took to get on the boat. Mine is an end of January production and am looking at most of the same mods.
Was a bit of an impulse buy - I guess I got caught up into all the hype of the M2 being the 'best M car in years'. When the M2C was announced it was on paper even better which pushed me over the edge. In September, I called a few dealers to see what availability was (expecting a months long wait list) but to my surprise a couple of dealers had October build slots. A couple even had ones incoming within a few weeks if I wanted it in blue/orange.

I paid my deposit Sept 20. Not wanting to be that guy that called their sales rep every day for a status update, I only checked in every month. Beginning of November it was 112 and he said it was supposed to start build within a week. Beginning of December it departed on the boat Nov 27 and was scheduled to arrive Dec 26.