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Originally Posted by Guydj1 View Post
Did I miss something I really don’t get how the 2 cars compare. One is mid engine 2 seater much lighter and less practical, the other front engine rear wheel drive and seats 4 adults in comfort. The only thing comparable is the price
Originally Posted by F22_Matt View Post
Not to mention a weight difference of over 1000 lbs. Not really comparable cars at all.
I think it depends on what one is looking for... For me, the M2C will be a 3rd, weekend-ish fun car without many real practical needs so trade-offs between it and GT350, Camaro of some sort, a TBD resto-mod, RS3, Vette, a new bike, even the Alpine, a trailer and couple wave runners, etc make sense to me.

It's really just a toy, in other words, and I'm looking for something a bit different than what I already have. Call it ADHD, short attention span, or something else, but in that light maybe the comparison makes sense?

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