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Originally Posted by Gatte View Post
I do wonder why BMW has Camo on the upper part of the front bumper. Not sure what could be changing there since nothing changed on the M4 CS.
Here's my guess.

It has been confirmed in Summer 2016 that "an M2 model is testing a new aerodynamic aid similar to this".

So, if the M2 CS is supposed to get a bolted-on or integrated 'splitter' (front lip la BMW GT6 Vision Concept) for aerodynamics and design reasons...

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...then maybe these four 'warts' (neither available, nor necessary, for the flat-nosed base M2) could also be considered worthwhile for some visual assistance when parking the car (worth hiding under camouflage for the moment) ?

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For the record: the BMW GT6 Vision Concept:

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