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Originally Posted by medphysdave View Post
I wondered if they are going to a one piece front clip. The hommage concept has fenders and front clip molded into one piece. That's a bit extreme for this car, but just the front clip with integrated aero??? Not as complex as adjustable GTS splitter.
I believe the base M2 already has a one piece front clip. No way they're gonna give us the hommage concept no matter how much we wish for it.

I just think that the whole front bumper is being camouflaged since that part might be changing with bigger air intakes or something and maybe it's standard procedure to camouflage the whole part and not just the portion that is changing.

Also, the M2 LCI had the same camo in it's spyshots. We all know that nothing changed on that car. It could be the same with the CS as well. Everyone's anticipating a big change and BMW just gives us the exact same bumper as on the base M2. That will be a surprise.

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