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Lightbulb Future BMW model information

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This post contains information about future production plans I've compiled from various leaks within the BMW organization. It is continuously updated: new research is added, and everything that becomes official is deleted.

Moderator: Items scheduled to happen in 2020 are highlighted in blue.


Can you guarantee that all of these models will come to market?
- No.

Can you tell me where you found this info?
- No.

Upcoming new models:

- These are just US market models, EU is simply too varied to type in all combinations.
- Model years marked with (?) are only best guesses.

2021 G05 X5
- xDrive45e

2021 G30 5er / F90 M5 LCI
- Same model lineup as today

2021 G22/G23 4er
- 430i
- 430i xDrive
- M440i
- M440i xDrive

2021 G80 M3

2021 G82 M4

2022 G42 2er

2023 G87 M2

Expected SOP dates for 2020:

- Models coming to US in bold.
- Dates not guaranteed to be exactly correct.


F40 116i, 120i
F44 218d
F39 X2 xDrive25e
G01 X3 xDrive30d 48V, M40d 48V
G02 X4 xDrive30d 48V, M40d 48V
G05 X5 xDrive30d 48V, US X5 xDrive45e
G06 X6 xDrive30d 48V
G07 X7 xDrive40d 48V
G08 iX3 sDrive75
G11/G12 730d 48V, 730dx 48V, 740dx 48V
G20 320e
G21 320i, 330e, 330ex, M340ix
G22 420d, 420dx, 420i, 430i, 430ix, M440ix
G30 LCI 518d, 520d, 520dx, 520i, 530d, 530dx, 530e, 530ex, 530i, 530ix, 540dx, 540i, 540ix, M550ix
G31 LCI 518d, 520d, 520dx, 520i, 530d, 530dx, 530e, 530ex, 530i, 530ix, 540dx, 540ix
G32 LCI 620d, 620dx, 630d, 630dx, 630, 630ix, 640dx, 640i, 640ix


F40 128ti
F44 US 228i, 220dx, 220i
G14/G15/G16 840dx 48V
G20 316d, 318i, 330d 48V, 330dx 48V
G21 316d, 318i, 320e, 320ex, 330d 48V, 330dx 48V
G22 430dx, M440dx, M440i
G23 420d, 420i, 430i, M440i, M440ix
G30 520e, 545ex
G31 520e
G80 M3, M3 Competition
G82 M4, M4 Competition

EOP for current models:

F32 4er - 06/20
F82 M4 - 06/20 (M4 CS ends 02/20)
F33 4er - 08/20
F83 M4 - 08/20

F36 4GC - 06/21
F22 2er - 06/21
F87 M2 - 06/21
F23 2er - 10/21

G12 7er - 06/22
F48 X1 - 06/22

G30 5er - 10/23 (LCI SOP 07/20)

G31 5er - 02/24
F39 X2 - 02/24
G32 6GT - 06/24 (US EOP was 06/19)
G15 8er - 06/24
F40 1er - 06/24
F44 2er - 06/24
G14 8er - 10/24
G01 X3 - 10/24 (LCI SOP 07/21)

G16 8er - 02/25
G02 X4 - 06/25
G07 X7 - 07/25 (LCI SOP 08/22)
G29 Z4 - 10/25
G20 3er - 10/25 (LCI SOP 07/22)

G21 3er - 06/26
G05 X5 - 07/26
G06 X6 - 03/27 (LCI 04/23)

July 2018
  • Funny enough, F94 X7M was (is?) under consideration.
  • G26 4GC will keep the hatchback.
  • At this time the only engine planned for G42 2er Coupe is the B48.
  • I20 iNext will have at least two performance levels.
August 2018
  • EOP for F36 4GC has been moved to 06/21. This should be seen as evidence of the G26 4GC needing extra development time so it can become a more interesting (unusual?) car than its predecessor.
October 2018
  • The initial release of i4 will have an 80kWh battery and the choice of a single or dual motor drivetrain.
  • G80 M3 and G82 M4 Coupe currently have more variants than we're used to seeing. First of all, it appears the manuals are still alive. However, there are hints that these cars will be available as both RWD and xDrive. For the first time in years, BMW is not going to force you into a car they think is best - they'll let you choose. On top of that, there could be two different performance trims right out of the gate - you'll get a Competition model that's more different from the base M3/M4 than the old Competition Packages would provide.
  • On the other hand, G83 M4 Cabrio would have a more limited selection: a single model with the choice of transmission.
  • G42 will be produced from 08/21 to 03/29 and will possibly be made primarily or entirely in Mexico.
November 2018
  • BMW i4 is not going to be built from the ground up as a BEV. Instead, it will be one of the versions of G26, similar to the recently introduced iX3, though hopefully with better performance. It will start as a RWD or AWD with 80kWh battery. If you want a clean sheet BEV, you'll have to wait for the I20. How closely the iNext concept reflects that future production car remains to be seen. Both i4 and I20 should be expected around 2021. In other words, I can confirm the AutoExpress report here:
  • G42 is confirmed to be built in Mexico.
  • G09 X8 exists outside car journos' dreams.
  • The same i4 BEV drivetrain could also find its way into the Chinese 3er LWB (G28). I'm not seeing it in a regular G20 yet.
January 2019
  • There's still no hint of an electric G20. It is highly probable that G26 will be the BEV model for the world and G28 - for China.
  • And that also means that G26 will be a true mix of 3GT and 4GC: long wheel base with a more streamlined hatchback body (which we've all just seen for the first time).
  • Build details for G80 M3 (not all of this is new, but I'm listing all info here for better readability)
    • Starts production in 2020 (more likely later in the year).
    • Standard equipment for all models will include M diff, adaptive suspension, M seats, Live dashboard.
    • Optional equipment will be pretty much the same as the regular G20, with the notable additions of carbon ceramic brakes (possibly not available on Pure), carbon bucket seats (likely not in the U.S.) and of course Merino leather, including full leather interiors.
    • See May 2019 comments for the items below.
      • Three performance levels: 444hp (Pure), 475hp ("base"), and 500hp (Competition).
      • Some versions will have RWD, others xDrive; both manual and automatic transmissions will be available. The reports that it will be Pure+manual+RWD, base+auto+xDrive, and Competition+auto+xDrive seem plausible but I don't yet want to claim that no other combos will be available.
      • Pure and base will have 18" front and 19" rear wheels; Competition will have 19"/20" as standard (optional on the other models).
March 2019
  • Potential models for G42 could include 220i, 220d, 220d xDrive, 230i, 230i xDrive, M240i, and M240i xDrive.
  • The next 5 series range currently consists of G60 sedan, G61 touring, and G68 LWB.
  • The next generation RR Ghost EWB will include an all-electric version.
  • The 48V system will expand to other G30/G31 models, and possibly even F90. The next likely candidate for 48V is G01/G02.
  • There will be two i4 models: i4 60 and i4 80. Both will be available with RWD or AWD.
  • First news about the next (G87) M2: production 12/2022-03/2029, likely in Mexico.
  • G01 X3 and G02 X4 will have their life extended to 10/24 and 06/25. It's possible Spartanburg will not be the primary production plant for their successors.
  • Live Dash will be added to X3M/X4M starting April 2020 production [added May 2].
May 2019
  • US X5 xDrive45e has been delayed until 2020 (MY2021).
  • In 2020 the G30 LCI will be released. At that point all significant new technology will be already installed on the pre-LCI G30 models so the LCI is going to be almost entirely cosmetic. The only new additions I see are the spread of the same energy conserving tech to other models (by then, G30 won't be unique at that) and Driving Assistant Pro (the functionality first released on G05 X5) - for some reason G30 seems to be last in the line of models getting that option.
  • I am withdrawing most of my forecasting on G8x M3/M4. It appears the lineup has been significantly reshuffled, with at least one version cancelled for production. Furthermore, I can't figure out the new situation well enough to describe it in detail. Therefore, I can no longer guarantee neither RWD nor manual models. All I know is that there will be M3/M4 and M3/M4 Competition, and that there will be more separation between regular and Competition models than before. Everything else is a mystery to me now. BMW, you win a point here.
July 2019
  • A new model will be added to the G30 lineup at LCI: 545e xDrive. It will have the same drivetrain as the new 745e, slightly detuned to 375hp.
  • G22 is coming as expected in July 2020. It will mostly copy the G20 lineup, with one exception: RWD M440i seems unlikely. Don't expect manuals in the U.S.
  • Mild hybrid tech I mentioned first in the May update will start expanding quickly next year (G22 will have it at intro, but it'll find its way into G05, G07, probably others I simply haven't noticed).
  • iX3 specs: G08 (Chinese X3), 75kWh battery and RWD (will be denoted in the model name as "sDrive75"), 300hp, produced in China for worldwide sales, including North America, SOP in 2020. One unique feature, besides the drivetrain, will be autonomous driving capability included as standard. In the U.S., it will additionally have as standard: 19" aero wheels, adaptive suspension. Most options will be familiar from the existing X3, with the notable addition of "BMW Iconic Sounds".
  • For our European friends: BMW is overhauling its diesel engine lineup. It looks like the stronger regulatory attention to diesel emissions has made it impossible to continue with the regular B47/B57 engines. Expect them all to become hybrids pretty quickly, with first examples of the technology appearing within the next few months. This is also why M340d is going to be delayed (my best guess is July 2020 and definitely no sooner than March 2020).
  • Based on the analysis of the very limited information available to me, I'm leaning towards "no manuals" for G8x and _all_ (not just US) G22 models. This is not yet something you could take to the bank but my confidence is pretty high. Sorry.
  • Production end for F33 and F83 has been moved forward to 08/20.
August 2019
  • G22 is 100% confirmed to be automatic only in the US. The same is true for all non-US G22 models available at market intro (I'm leaving open the possibility of a later non-US model addition that would have a manual, but even that is unlikely in my opinion). Confirmed US models are 430i, 430i xDrive, and M440i xDrive. M440i (RWD) is also possible but not yet confirmed.
  • G26 will be the platform for both regular 4GC and i4. Preliminary US lineup: 430i, 430i xDrive, M440i xDrive, i4 60 sDrive, i4 80 sDrive, i4 80 xDrive. Intro in 2021, both gas and electric version will likely be introduced simultaneously.
  • One more F87 M2 model is possible. Just looking at timing, it should be something very special, with a very short production run. And it will be US only.
  • My current understanding of the G80 situation (lots of it is educated guessing so don't give it your full confidence please):
    Initially, BMW planned to offer three models, positioned at 450ps (Pure), 480ps (base), and 510ps (Competition) (note that I'm using metric horsepower just like Flasch did in his recent interview). Pure would be RWD only, while the other two models would offer a choice of RWD and AWD. Early this year, the decision was made to cut the configuration planned as the base model, and adjust "Pure" to take its place. This also involved bumping the output of Pure's engine to 480ps but not changing the actual drivetrain configuration - it was just a DME tune. With that, we were left with the RWD only 480ps M3 and the 510ps M3 Competition and M3 Competition M xDrive (now say that 20 times). I haven't found anything that would describe the interplay between manual vs auto and RWD vs AWD, but it is likely that automatics will be offered for all configurations, while manuals will only be available on the two RWD versions.
  • Everything that's happening with G80 is also true for G82 but not G83. The latter will not offer as much choice, likely sticking to a single model.
September 2019
  • Some G80 details: Colors: Alpine White, Black Sapphire, Dravit Grey, Portimao Blue, Tanzanite Blue, Isle of Man Green, Sao Paolo Yellow, Toronto Red. Interiors: black, orange/black, blue/black (merino leather, partial or full). The M specific sport seats will be standard, but there will also be optional CF bucket seats (seen in the latest spy photo), available also in the U.S. Speaking of carbon fiber, there'll be much more CF trim available without the need to go to the performance catalog.
  • Non-US news but interesting enough to post: BMW is readying a new version of F40 targeted squarely at Golf GTI. It'll use the same engine as M135i but it will be detuned to 260hp and drive the front wheels. The current name for this model is "128ti", but in all ways it's going to be an M Performance model, with M aero bits, M sport brakes, sport suspension, special sport seats, and other goodies. Though still no manual transmission.
  • We should see the M5 CS in 2-3 years.
  • The next 8 cylinder M motor is going to be called S68. Most likely, it will be an evolution of S63, not something radically new. I would expect some electrification with the internal combustion side mostly staying the same. Maybe it will be the engine for M5 CS, maybe for something farther in the future - not sure yet.
  • The on-again off-again X1 M35i is on again.
  • The first M Performance PHEV vehicle is coming: M750Le xDrive.
  • BMW is planning to offer the largest battery among all BEVs on the market at 120kWh. It will go into the model that we haven't seen yet, and I'm not yet going to speculate on the car itself.
  • G22 M440i RWD is now confirmed (something I wasn't 100% sure about when I wrote my August update).
  • Fun new colors for G22/G23: San Remo Green, Arctic Race Blue.
  • US X1 xDrive28e has been cancelled.
November 2019
  • It is possible F40/F44 will have a shortened lifecycle of 5 years without LCI (like we saw with the previous X5). As a total speculation, I wonder if this is because the current platform is not suitable for a proper BEV (the platform sibling Cooper SE is ridiculously weak sauce for 2019, while U06 and derivatives will hopefully be much better in that regard).
  • The likely market model name for iNext is simply "iX". The battery sizes are no longer used for model designation, instead we'll have "xDrive40", "xDrive50" and "M50 xDrive".
  • X8 is shaping up to be a halo high performance SUV, with M45e as the entry level model.
  • A note for nomenclature nerds: the mild-hybrid diesels are no longer designated "Bx7" but instead are called "XD5". 20d is XD5141O0, 40d is XD5151O0. The 5th position ("4" or "5") and the 7th position ("O" or "T") show which diesel engine is at the core of that drivetrain, so the former uses the B47O1, while the latter has B57T2 (TÜ levels are not carried over).
  • G80 is now pretty certainly tracking for mid-2020 intro. Additional colors: exterior: Frozen Brilliant White, Frozen Portimao Blue, Oxide Gray, interior: Silverstone/Black.
  • G30 545e is now cancelled for US/Canada. Still planned for ROW.
December 2019
  • G22/G23 complete worldwide lineup: 420d rwd and xdrive, 430d xdrive, M440d xdrive, 420i, 430i rwd and xdrive, M440i rwd and xdrive. The 48V system is going to be used in all diesels and M440i. Only the 430i and M440i models will come to the U.S. I don't see any manuals anywhere at all. And I will be surprised if we don't get an official press release by April.
  • Likely SOP for G09 X8 is July 2022.
  • Some experimental SOP research - see the list near the top of this post.
February 2020
  • BMW still can't figure out how to call their future electric cars. The new solution: i430 and i440 for G26 BEV and i330L and i340L for G28 BEV (China only model).
  • G42 is known to include a bunch of pedestrian 4 cylinder models but now there's a much more interesting possible (very preliminary) addition: M245i.
  • Interesting new feature, first likely to appear on iNext: dynamic window and/or sunroof tint. This technology is courtesy of Continental, which calls it Intelligent Glass Control (google will give you details).

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