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Originally Posted by Artemis View Post
Yup, that's it. In reality the noise is much louder than can be captured by video, but at least the video gets you the idea. Thanks for having it finally caught on video.

As described earlier: some strange grinding noise coming from the back underneath; a briefly screeching metallic sound of some metal part rubbing against another metallic part; a kind of metallic rambling (or some rambling inside a metallic box), as if some part moves in a controlled way from one side to another (opening or closing of a part) but with an awful rambling noise. A bit like the crunching sound of rolling over a soda can.

Always exactly the same sound. Happens at random, sometimes twice right after each other, mostly when the car is not under load (for example cruising at slow speed or after coming out of a turn).
''ve heard that same metal on metal, like driving over a soda can. Four times in 610 miles. MY2017. When I take the car in for the 1200 mile inspection, I'll see what the dealer says. There is definitely something underneath at the rear of the car that isn't quite right.