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Originally Posted by flybigjet View Post
Wait. What?

Hold on.

I've never heard of this-- or at least not without full roll cages, lights, extensive mods, support teams, etc.

Details? Do you just drive around? Or is it a closed course, set your hair on fire sort of thing?

What are the prep/requirements?

Do you have a link? I looked at the one above, but it was pretty thin on details.


Nothing special required for prep aside from getting your car ready to go on a roadtrip (and some spirited driving if you're so inclined... which most of us are )

Think of this rally as a bunch of car people getting together and taking an absolutely epic caravan style drive through roads you'd have a hard time finding on your own. The main benefits to going as a group are showing up to a bunch of cool car people, the clear route and logistics(hotel, lunch stop, fuel stops, etc is all planned out and you don't have to worry about it), and the full day at Mary's Hill loop road which is totally private, and requires full booking to drive on. There's EMT's etc. at Mary's Hill Loop road in case of an issue since it's in the middle of nowhere, but the idea isn't to set some land speed record and potentially drive off the edge in the process. It's about good old fashioned driving and feeling connected to your cars on killer roads.

The Express Rally youtube channel has some footage that will help give you an idea of what it's like. Also, I'm happy to answer whatever questions you have.

I went on this rally last year with my best friend in the M2 and had such a good time we went to the Vegas -> LA rally shortly after in his ATS-V (That was a journey for sure, we went almost 4k miles in 4 days!!)