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Originally Posted by ynguldyn
And an update just two weeks more recent than the previous one brings us The News of the Year. Some of you may remember me from the crazy pre-prod info dump in early 2013. I found another source. It's very limited this time: just the model, engine, and transmission type, and lists not only the models that are guaranteed to come, but also all those that BMW considered as a possibility (for example, the list includes both RWD and xDrive, manual and auto US F31s). The regularly updated list has been kept here: http://<a href="http://www.f30post.c...p?t=901686</a>

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the latest update -- get ready for BMW M2!

-- BMW M2, N55B30T0, manual and auto

* This tells us at least that an M2 has been tested, and with an updated N55 engine paired to both a manual and auto transmission.
Couldn't be happier to hear the news! A 6 cylinder in the M2 will be a definite crowd pleaser. Thank you for posting.