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Originally Posted by izzyM2 View Post
What does this mean. Like dealer just give you an allocation just like that?
Over here, BMW (national representative body or local dealer) approaches existing BMW customers (especially BMW M customers), offering M2 CS allocations.

Buying a high performance car is - apart from the financial reality - a highly emotion-driven decision. BMW pro-actively approaching its existing clientele for an expensive model iteration (labeling and scheduling it as 'limited edition' because demand will be 'limited' anyway at the proposed price) = fishing in the pond where it finds most potential customers for this kind of car.

Personally, I was also offered the chance to get an M2 CS, but no signed sales order materialized. No 'The Fox and The Grapes' ('sour grapes') attitude here. Just the personal reality-check - performed by temporary stepping out of the enthusiasm loop and pinching yourself - that there is a 'mismatch' between the car and the price-tag (M2 CS: the good, the bad and the ugly: design/looks, weight and price). Equally makes you realize that something else without such 'mismatch' better floats your boat (soon more about that ) + you don't mind making someone else happy to get an M2 CS.

Back in 2015, Porsche US (PCNA) offered a right of first refusal to all those on the Porsche 918 Spyder VIP 'early access' program, allowing these privilege customers to secure a Cayman GT4 allocation ahead of the normal 'line' ("It is my pleasure to offer you, per your 918 Spyder VIP privileges, the opportunity to be among the first to acquire the new Cayman GT4."). PCNA offered them one week to decide and allocated the remaining US-allocated expected production to US dealers (source: here).

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