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I fitted mine today at work. Was relatively easy, but like you, I had to have a little nibble at the connectors with a Stanley knife to make the kit fit. Glad you’d done that as I felt a bit more comfortable knowing the end result would probably be ok.

Anyways, after my commute I’m amazed at how much noise that little box was creating, I realised there was an artificial element to what I was hearing, but I didn’t realise the extent of it. In Sport modes it’s night and day, almost disconcertingly quiet at first without the faked induction roar. I like it though, it’s loads more pleasant in the cabin and I can now drive in sport and still enjoy my music. Can also appreciate the exhaust a lot more and even pick up turbo noises that were well hidden before when I turn the music off. All in all, it’s 50 well spent in my eyes.

A shame you can’t just turn it on and off though, I miss the ‘Individual’ mode I used to have in my Golf where you could turn the engine (sound) on and off as you pleased. But then again, I don’t think I ever turned it on for very long, if at all.