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I had to chase up the supplier who said it was delivered, then i chase up ukmail/dhl and they say they delivered it with a signature, but oops no we didnít. .... so they ĎredeliveredĎ the Ďalready deliveredí parcel and i got it.

Anyway ó- on the m140i it couldn't be easier literally 1 minute to fit it behind the first aid flap. Unclip, unplug replug reclip. So easy. All these guides must be for m2 (boot seal, undoing the nut etc... do not need to do any of that on the m140)

But the plug did not seem to fit the keying was slight off on both ends. I used a pen knife and just notched a couple of mm from the key moulding and assumed it would be fine. It was and holy shit ó- I should have done this on day 1.. 1000% more pleasant to be in the car. No stupid droning when going into sport mode. No stupid droning at all in fact. Stereo sounds clearer donesít need to be as loud, and yes you can have a nice convo at 70+mph which before was actually difficult to do. No hissing or any other issues this is 100% bona fide imporvement that should have been from the factory. I canít believe the difference is so good. Itís like a new car.

Sometimes i do 50-60 mile motorway at night. Quiet, no radio, cruise at 75mph and it was really getting right on my tits even in comfort, but now itís like a weight has been lifted from my ears ahhhhhh itís so , so much better.