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Originally Posted by ///AVM View Post

This is obviously a forum where views and opinions are presented and discussed – and seldom agreed upon. Ultimately, I applaud anyone and everyone for getting what is best for THEM. So, my replies to your posts are not intended to be ‘right,’ rather, just an ongoing discussion regarding the topic at hand.

Are you looking to track you M2CS? I assume such to be the case given your consideration between a 911 S, 718 GT4 and M2CS?

You indicate the 911 S is too expensive at this time, and you are not interested in a GT4 because it is currently only available with a manual transmission. True, but the starting price of a new GT4 is $100K ($113K for 911 S), both significantly more than the projected $84K for the M2CS. The GT4 is comparable to the 911 S, but neither are comparable to the M2CS when it comes to price or performance.

You indicate you want something more powerful than a 718 CGTS. If you are a tracker, I am sure you realize there is far more to track times than ‘power.’ I am not going to go into comparison between the GTS and M2C regarding performance, track or otherwise. Two completely different cars, and I have my own opinion. What I will say about ‘power’ is that the M2C really doesn’t offer anything over the GTS when you take into consideration variables such as weight; the GTS weighs some 600-650 lbs less than the M2C.

So, as to the topic of this thread - and regarding ‘power’ - you reference wanting an M2CS. The best comparison is the M2C. The M2CS offers no significant weight-reduction compared to the M2C. Although the M2CS (444 hp) offers 39 hp more than the M2C (405 hp), they both offer the same torque (406 lb-ft). Again, with track reference, the 39 extra hp is nominal, and only ever really going to come into play during high speeds along straights. So, comparing the M2CS to the M2C, not sure where you are getting any significant power gains?

If you want a M2CS, that is awesome. I have zero problem whatsoever with anyone’s desire or preference toward any purchase they decide to make. All I am trying to say is (1) the M2CS is not comparable to the GT4 or 991 S in performance or price. (2) As per your interest in more ‘power,’ the M2CS offers no significant power gains over the M2C, nor the 718 CGTS in relative terms.

If your purchase interests do not revolve around tracking, then none of this means anything, power or otherwise. The M2C, M2CS, GT4, 911 S all offer more street power than any road can handle. It would simply come down to what you want and can afford. If you want an M2CS, go for it. I am sure it will be great!

Thanks for your advice. I'm just looking for a fun and fast car. Not interested in tracking due to the danger involved. Looks like I'm getting a M2 CS if I can get an allocation. Eventually when I can afford it, probably a 911 or possibly a PDK GT4.