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Working on x5 (40i) before years end because the Tax law changes in Illinois. This is the change ——Trade in credit will be capped at 10k:

So today if I trade in 100k car and buy 100k car I pay zero tax. If I try the same thing on January 1st the I would pay tax on 90k.

I live in Chicago so I pay 9.5% tax (state, county, Chicago)

I have a 2019 x4 that is worth 45k on trade not great considering it stickered at 63k but "niche car .... No one wants x4 etc etc etc """" . I've gotten quotes as low as 38k, 40k , 43k over the past two weeks.

I am risking losing out on some decent money if I wait for the CS and then the car is over my upper limit. Which it would mostly likely be.

My payoff is actually 49,380. So I would break even. I also have 4250 in rebates and 9.2 discount on a 2020.

My big problem is that there are pretty much just leftovers at this point. Cars with 22s that I don't like. Pretty late in the season for winter sets . Tire rack has one option today. Bad dealer lot builds.

Also tried my luck at m2 comp. seems like ok deal

So I may just sit on the x4 if I don't find a x5 I like within reasonable driving distance .
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