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Originally Posted by akkando View Post
I think you're more likely to get a brand new car than a new bumper that's factory painted.

One way or another your bumper will need to get painted. They may not need to blend.

More bad news though, you don't want to ppf anything freshly non factory painted. Factory heats up the painted surface enough to off gasses quickly. A non factory paint job the clear will still be curing for a while and if you ppf too early then it will rip the clear off if the ppf is removed. Wait at least 30 days after it's painted. More time if the car is in a cold environment.
Thanks for the reply - I agree with you, unfortunately, and I'm obviously not getting a new car (nor would I ever ask for that, with it being an ED). Still figured I'd reach for best case scenario and see what they negotiate down to within reason though.

Agreed with the PPF on anything freshly painted and not from the factory. While the PPF installer said a couple days would be good enough and he could get the bumper wrapped up, I'll be waiting at least 30 days after it would presumably be repainted, plus it's pretty cold here in St. Louis this time of the year. Thankfully I don't really need to drive the car anytime before spring, but don't want to share that detail with the dealer/BMW until we reach a resolution. I'm just extremely OCD and concerned with the color match, being LBB - and fully aware that even from the factory, the paint on the plastic bumpers vs. the metal is short of a perfect match.

Funny enough, the dealer just got a brand new LBB M2C in their inventory in the last couple weeks, and I'm going to see if they want to swap the bumpers on mine and their inventory car - another total shot in the dark and I'm sure they won't oblige, but still going to throw it out there. If their recommended shop for the respray is so good, it should be good enough for the inventory car, right??