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Originally Posted by Hangman4358 View Post
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God so much driver fail.
I feel bad for him, but man. Make better decisions. I'd encourage anyone who's ever had the urge to fuck around like this to take their car to an empty parking lot and practice their donuts for at least a little while. Preferably when its raining so you don't have to buy new tires. Establish some counter-steering muscle memory, it'll never leave you and will likely save your ass at some point in your life.
This x 100. An empty parking lot is a wonderful resource and a Car Control Clinic is even better.

My wife learned to drive a stick and do donuts at 13 when her dad would take her to the library parking lot on Sunday evenings in a hilariously modded Karmann Ghia. Took her mom a long time to catch on that the library is closed Sunday evenings :
Pretty sure that's illegal in many states..
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