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I'd hope Williams has learned their lesson and will plan accordingly to have a full car ready for testing in February as well as have enough spare parts starting in Melbourne.

Also interesting, I read a recent interview where Kubica was asked about the effect a pair of rookie drivers would have on Williams (given that they have little experience in F1). His response was that it shouldn't matter since Williams only listed to about 10% of the suggestions he's made throughout the season. I was a bit surprised at first, but really shouldn't have been. It seems Williams has made mistake after mistake in their decision making process this year. Even Russel criticized them for not taking more gambles during the races
Williams under deputy Clare Williams is questionable with Sir Frank probably not capable of making the necessary decisions and with not listening to Kubica's experience no wonder the team are in bother from all sides especially with finance for cad, fabricating/testing aero parts and as you mentioned low paid strategists.
All good points. Honestly, I don't think Frank calls any shots these days. He's moved away from that role. I think I read that in an article somewhere a while back but can't seem to remember which one....